A new report identifies the real cost of traffic problems in Aylesbury

18 February 2018

It can hardly be a surprise to find out that Aylesbury is the 6th worst traffic hotspot in the UK. The assessment was made by comparing rush hour traffic in the UK's towns.

According to the Bucks Herald traffic analysts Inrix have identified the cost of the traffic delays as £110m lost to the town. Having an estimate of the real cost to the town puts some of the costs of starting to fix the problem into context. The Green Party has been saying that we must find better ways for improving the situation than simply building more roads, although that could be part of the solution.

Changing transport habits could make a huge difference:

  1. Getting people onto public transport is imperative. The Council should give free bus passes to students and those on benefits as well as senior citizens. Even better, give everyone free bus passes.
  2. Increased promotion of healthy transport e.g. cycling and walking is essential.
  3. Understanding some of the factors creating the problems, e.g. Inrix state that much of the traffic is due to e-commerce, all those internet purchases. We imagine that most people do not realise that they are causing problems by purchasing online. Getting on a bus and going to the shops or sharing shopping journeys with friends would be better options and would keep the town's shops in business.

Just like the plastic problem there are actions we can take now to make things better.