Some suggested ways of reducing plastic in your life

15 March 2018

After ignoring Greenpeace and other environmental bodies for many years the media has finally, thanks to David Attenborough, woken up to the reality of the plastic problem.

The government has produced its 25 year plan to eliminate plastics in the environment but it is just not good enough to make 2042 a target date. We need something much quicker than that. The Huffington Post suggests a 25 month target date. It is also disturbing to see that there is no plastic bottle deposit scheme in the government's plans.

Meanwhile Friends of the Earth is looking at the bigger issue of overconsumption in which plastics play a large part.

Greenpeace has 9 easy ways to reduce our own plastic consumption.

Also, we can all write to our local councillors and suggest that they elimate plastics from council-run activities.