Aylesbury Vale Green Party opposes the idea of an Oxford to Cambridge Expressway

19 July 2018

3 Proposed Expressway corridors


Aylesbury Vale Green Party has committed 'To oppose all potential routes for the [Oxford to Cambridge] Expressway and its associated development corridor...' We will work with other Green Parties and environmental organisations along the route to publicise a joint statement of opposition.

Our objections to the proposed Expressway are:

We want to see less freight on the roads and more on (improved) railways

We want to meet our carbon reduction targets and don't believe new roads achieve this

We think that road building increases road use

We want to promote local infrastructure and jobs in rural areas that involve less commuting to large towns but with access to public transport if necessary

We object to massive house building programmes being linked to new road schemes. We find the alliance of interests between road building and housing development worrying.

Finally, we believe that the government will make a huge mistake if it does not electrify East-West Rail. This is a short-sighted policy that will cost more to rectify in the future.