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Press Release: Be very worried

17 February 2022

Buckingham MP, Greg Smith and the Net Zero Scrutiny Group deny climate scepticism but are creating trouble by wanting to delay Net Zero until after 2050.

Is this the death of democracy in Buckinghamshire?

17 September 2021

Debate on a vital climate change risk motion proposed by independent councillor Ed Gemmell and Green Party councillor Gregory Smith was kicked into the long grass without even getting a hearing.

Biodiversity in the UK: bloom or bust

29 July 2021

The report is published amid grave concern that of the G7 countries, the UK has the lowest level of biodiversity remaining.

The Green in the Room

10 May 2021

"Their Climate Strategy is seriously flawed"

Bucks planning in crisis?

09 May 2021

We should be concerned that the planning process in Bucks is not fit for purpose. Is this a unique story, or is the whole system broken?

Climate Change Committee lays out its recommended path to Net Zero

16 February 2021

Politicians, nationally and in Buckinghamshire, are very keen on headline grabbing soundbites, but the Climate Change Committee follows through

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